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when exercise is not enough, cosmetic plastic surgery is an option to consider.

Plastic Surgeon Oakville & Mississauga

Surgical Procedures

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Tummy Tuck

Your Flat, Toned Tummy Is Waiting to be Revealed

Want to go back to looking toned and contoured? Dr. Tutino is here to help. He is a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who helps people look their best every day.

Mommy Makeover

Get Your Pre-baby Body Back!

Dr. Tutino’s Mommy Makeover technique can transform how your figure looks, and more importantly, how you feel.

Breast Augmentation

Boost Body Confidence

Dr. Tutino performs over 300 breast implant surgeries per year in Toronto and is known for personalized, beautiful results.


Reshape your hourglass

If you’re ready to reshape your hourglass, or show off a fit, flatter tummy, schedule your liposuction consultation with Oakville body contouring plastic surgeon Dr. Tutino.

Arm Lift

Wear short sleeves again

Perhaps you wish you could wear short sleeves and tank tops, but you feel self-conscious about sagging skin on your upper arms.

Breast Lift

Restore Perkiness

For those who rely on push-up bras to regain their cleavage and lift their sagging breasts, mastopexy can be a lasting solution.

plastic surgery clinic oakville mississauga

Plastic surgery clinic Oakville & mississauga

Body surgery all
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plastic surgery clinic oakville mississauga
Voted number one surgical centre ( 2017 - 2020 )
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cosmetic surgeon Oakville & mississauga

At our facility Dr. Tutino guides you through the entire surgery, from post to pre-surgery.

Body Surgery by Dr. Tutino is located in a world-class, state-of-the-art surgical centre accredited to the highest standards in Ontario. 
When you decide to change your life, image, and body confidence, a caring, dedicated surgeon who personally looks after every detail of your journey will make all the difference. 
Body Surgery Mississauga & Oakville Dr. Tutino
meet dr. tutino surgeon / Lecturer, Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery University of Toronto & Head of Immediate Breast Reconstruction Trillium Health Partners

Dr. Tutino's mission is simple: He wants his patients to look vibrant & feel confident.

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Your entire surgical experience, from initial consultation, to surgery, to follow-up appointments post-surgery, are completed in-house to ensure Dr. Tutino’s high personal standards. You will be cared for by experienced staff, nurses, and board-certified anesthesiologists who prioritize patient care and safety. 

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Our specialty is body
At Body Surgery by Dr. Tutino, we perform all body procedures under the aesthetic umbrella, including Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Brachioplasty (arm lift), Thigh Lift, Circumferential Body Lift, and Liposuction.
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Individualized care
Dr. Tutino emphasizes individualized care and individualized results. Because each patient is unique and uniquely beautiful, he delves deep into individual concerns and goals to discover how he can help you restore body confidence.

He also personally sees his patients every step of the way. From the initial consultation to post-surgery follow-ups, you will see Dr. Tutino. In some cosmetic surgery practices, patients rarely see the surgeon and pass between multiple staff members. This personalized approach stands out in the field of plastic surgery, but it is part of what Dr. Tutino’s patients find most reassuring and positive about their experience.

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