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What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are also called wens. They are filled with a white, fatty material called keratin and dead skin cells developing underneath the skin. Keratin is the same substance that your hair and nails are made from. Usually, a sebaceous cyst might appear on the scalp, behind the ears, neck, upper arms, or back. Some men might also develop a sebaceous cyst on their scrotum. But, they are not localized to just these areas, appearing anywhere except the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. Anywhere you have sebaceous glands, you can also get sebaceous cysts. If you do develop a cyst, you might lose the hair on the part and around it. Sebaceous cysts are typically smooth and round, and their sizes vary.
Do you feel a hard lump under your skin? Is it irritating you? What you might have is a sebaceous cyst. They are usually harmless but are easily removed, so you don’t feel any discomfort or pain. Dr. Tutino is one of the best plastic surgeons in Ontario and has been performing successful plastic and minor surgeries for a long time. He has performed more than 12,000 successful surgeries.

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Usually, a sebaceous cyst is not harmful or medically dangerous. That is why many people do not get surgery. The reasons behind surgical removal of sebaceous cysts are:
  • They can sometimes become painful
  • They may appear on the exposed part of the skin and cause embarrassment
  • They get infected
Sebaceous cyst removal is a straightforward procedure, and Dr. Tutino has performed it hundreds of times. 

What causes a Sebaceous Cyst?

Two types of sebaceous cysts can form under your skin. Both of them are sacs filled with keratin and dead skin cells. The two types are:
  • Epidermoid Cyst
  • Pilar Cyst
An epidermoid cyst appears when the sac is filled with skin cells usually found on the topmost layer of the skin, called the epidermis. A pillar cyst is formed when the sac contains the cells traditionally found at the bottom of the hair follicle. The hair follicle contains the hair bulb, and that is where the hair grows. In rare cases, pillar cysts have also been observed to be hereditary.

What are the symptoms of a Sebaceous Cyst?

So, how will you know that the growth you have is a sebaceous cyst? Sebaceous cysts don’t proliferate. They usually take months to grow up to a few centimeters in diameter. Most of them are not painful and might only cause cosmetic issues. If they exist on the scalp, they might get caught in the comb or when you are putting your clothes on and cause pain. 

If your cyst turns red and starts to hurt, that means it has become infected. A doctor might suggest a course of antibiotics for the infection. If the cyst is punctured, it might leek a white, fatty material. The cyst could also grow a tiny horn on top. They could appear beside the nail or in any other uncomfortable place like the scrotum.
The cyst might appear to be movable under the skin. Even if the cyst doesn’t hurt, the area around it might become sore.

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How are Sebaceous Cysts treated?

Sebaceous Cyst Removal Information

Since sebaceous cysts are not cancerous, they do not require immediate removal. People mostly come to Dr. Tutino when the cysts become painful or hinder their routines. They might be in a place where you feel uncomfortable and would want to have it removed. 

Usually, when surgically removing a sebaceous cyst, Dr. Tutino uses local anesthesia. Still, depending on the case and the location and size of the cyst, he could also recommend general anesthesia. Dr. Tutino makes sure that he removes the entire lining of the cyst during the procedure. This thoroughness ensures that the cyst will not come back after a while. 

How Does Dr. Tutino Perform Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery?

Sebaceous cyst removal surgery is completely safe and very simple. Dr. Tutino performs the procedure to remove the entire content of the cyst sac. He might choose to perform a wide excision, punch biopsy excision, or a minimal excision depending on the patient’s medical history, location, and cyst size. When you come to Dr. Tutino for the initial consultation, he will explain it all to you in great detail and recommend the type of procedure he should perform.

Dr. Tutino usually performs a sebaceous cyst removal surgery as an outpatient case. An outpatient surgery means that you won’t have to stay overnight and go home after the cyst has been permanently removed. Dr. Tutino opens the cyst with a scalpel, and then depending on the type of procedure, removes the content of the sac. He does this by squeezing the keratin out of the cyst. Once all the sebum and the dead cells have been removed, Dr. Tutino pulls the cyst out. He makes sure that the cyst doesn’t break during the procedure. Once the cyst is removed, Dr. Tutino sterilizes the incision and stitches it close. The incision might leave a tiny scar, which will disappear with time. Dr. Tutino will discuss with you all the things you can do to minimize scarring.
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FAQ - Top Sebaceous Cyst Removal questions

Will the Sebaceous Cyst Come Back After the Removal Surgery?

Dr. Tutino makes sure that he removes the entire content of the sac and the sac itself. After the cyst has been permanently removed, it will not grow back in the same area. 

How long is the recovery time for sebaceous cyst surgery?

If Dr. Tutino uses stitches to close the incision, it could take around four weeks to heal. Dr. Tutino will call you for follow-up visits to check your wound and observe the healing process. If the wound was left open, it might take more time to heal. 

Is sebaceous cyst removal painful?

Dr. Tutino will first use a local anesthetic to numb the area and then start the treatment. So, the only thing you will feel is the slight sting of the injection. Other than that, you won’t feel anything.

How long do stitches stay in for cyst removal?

Usually, Dr. Tutino leaves the stitches on for around four weeks, but that depends on the patient and the type of procedure that he has performed. It could be longer than that if the wound were left open. Dr. Tutino will ask you to come for follow-up visits and remove the stitches when he feels that the incision has completely healed. If there is any problem, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tutino and report the problem. 

When should a sebaceous cyst be removed?

Sebaceous cysts are harmless sacs filled with a white, fatty fluid of keratin and dead skin cells. They do not need to be removed unless they cause pain, cosmetic problems, or hinder your routine tasks like combing your hair or putting on your clothes.