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What is a Skin tag?

Skin tags are harmless, tiny, soft growths on the skin that are usually skin-coloured. Their sizes and colours may vary. A skin tag could be from a few millimetres up to 5cm wide. People typically develop skin tags on their necks, armpits, near groins, or under the breasts. Sometimes skin tags also occur on the eyelids or under the buttocks. 
Do you have small growths hanging from your skin? This growth is usually small, soft, and skin-coloured. If yes, then you might have skin tags. Skin tags are harmless and could be removed if they bother you. Dr. Tutino has had a successful career in plastic surgery as well as minor surgeries. He ensures patient satisfaction and delivers expected results. 

Why Do Skin Tags Occur?

Skin tags are made of collagen fibres and blood vessels that are present on the skin. Collagen is found throughout the body and is a type of protein. Men and women can both develop skin tags. People who are obese, people with diabetes, and older people develop skin tags more than others. Skin tags also happen more in pregnant women as their hormone levels fluctuate a lot. But that is not all. Skin tags also develop without any reason or cause and often grow in the skin folds. That is why they affect overweight people more as they have excess skin.

When Do Skin Tags Become A Problem?

Typically skin tags do not cause any discomfort or pain. But if they affect your confidence, self-esteem, or if they get stuck on clothes and jewelry, then you could have them removed. Skin tag removal surgery is considered a purely cosmetic procedure. If the tissue twists and lacks blood supply, a skin tag might even fall off on its own. 

How To Remove Skin Tags?

Whatever you do, do not try to remove a skin tag on your own at home. If the skin tag is causing a problem, come and talk to Dr. Tutino and get his expert advice. There are various methods of removing skin tags. They can be burnt off or frozen off. This method is the same as warts removal, but it causes temporary skin discoloration and irritation. Also, there is a chance that the skin tag might not fall off and need further treatment.

Dr. Tutino suggests surgically removing skin tags. He uses local anesthesia to numb the area before performing the procedure. Surgical removal provides you with a lot of benefits. The primary one being the permanent removal of the skin tag. 

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The Skin Tag Removal Procedure

When you come for your initial consultation for a skin tag removal surgery, Dr. Tutino will take you through the entire process and explain everything in detail. He will also answer all your questions and put all your fears to rest. Skin tag removal surgery is a quick and painless process. Dr. Tutino usually performs this process in around 30 minutes. Sometimes, a skin tag is so small that it might not even need local anesthesia. If the skin tag is more significant or you have multiple skin tags, Dr. Tutino might choose local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. He will inform you about the method he will use to remove your skin tags. 

If the skin tag is tiny, it might not leave a perceptible scar. There is some scarring with larger skin tags, but Dr. Tutino ensures to keep it to a minimum. He will also teach you aftercare procedures, so the scar dims with time and becomes unnoticeable. There is minimal downtime for skin tag removal surgery, and Dr. Tutino might allow you to get back to your normal activities immediately. But that depends on the size, number, and location of the skin tags. Typically, Dr. Tutino advises his patients to wait for around a week to heal correctly and inform them that they should keep the wound clean during this time. He will also prescribe medications for any pain or discomfort that you might feel. If the pain becomes unbearable or you notice any discharge or swelling, report to Dr. Tutino immediately. Also, there is a chance of infection, but if you keep your wound clean, the chances of it occurring are minimal. 

How Long Does Skin Tag Removal Last?

Once Dr. Tutino completely removes the skin tags, the chances of them coming back are minimal. Although, they might develop in some other area of the body. 
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FAQ - skin tag removal questions

How long does skin tag surgery take?

A skin tag removal surgery usually takes no more than 30 minutes in most cases. Depending on the size of the skin tag, the scar could be minimal. Dr. Tutino informs you of all the aftercare procedures so that the scar becomes unnoticeable.

What happens if I accidentally pull off a skin tag?

Do not attempt to remove a skin tag on your own. Although it may seem easy, some pieces of the skin tag could be left behind, which could cause infection, scarring, and recurrence.

Do skin tags grow back?

Skin tags usually do not recur once permanently removed. They could occur in other parts of the body, or you might be prone to their occurrence in a specific area.

Does it hurt to get skin tags removed?

Dr. Tutino applies local anesthesia to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible and doesn’t cause any pain. The only thing you feel is the pinch of the needle, and everything after that is easy.